What’s New in Essential Calculus with Applications, 3rd edition?

Written by D. Franklin Wright, Spencer P. Hurd, and Bill D. New the third edition of Essential Calculus with Applications includes modernized applications to remove obsolete technology, reorganized lessons to improve course flow, enhanced exercise sets, and more.

37% Increase in Software Question Bank!

15,000 unique iterations across 379 new software questions provide extensive practice opportunities for students with step-by-step tutorials and error-specific feedback that can be used for both homework assignments and assessments.


The brand new Chapter 0: Algebra Review addresses skill gaps and misconceptions that could be a barrier to student success.

  • 0.1 Real Numbers and Number Lines
  • 0.2 Integer Exponents
  • 0.3 Fractional Exponents and Radicals
  • 0.4 Polynomials and Factoring
  • 0.5 Lines and Their Graphs
  • 0.6 Linear Equations in One Variable
  • 0.7 Quadratic Equations in One Variable
  • 0.8 Rational and Radical Equations
  • Chapter 0 Review


With foundational content early in the titles and improved lesson flow, the third edition offers an easy-to-follow learning path to move students through the course content more efficiently.


The textbook offers even more questions of various difficulty levels to meet students where they are. These rigorous problem-solving opportunities are organized into Practice, Applications, Writing & Thinking, and Technology categories.

  • 343 new textbook questions
  • 45 updated textbook questions


Technology has changed vastly since the release of the second edition; we’ve updated references to obsolete technology and irrelevant applications, making content more relatable for today’s college students.

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