Calculus Software for Online Learning

Hawkes' Calculus software provides a full course solution for virtual learning environments with features including: Video examples for every textbook example that walk students through the problem solving process.Time-saving automated grading that gives detailed analytics on question-based performance, time one task and assignment completion.Unlimited practice problems through algorithmic question generation with tutoring and detailed solutions. … Continue reading Calculus Software for Online Learning

Calculus with Out-of-This-World Applications

Exploratory projects in Calculus with Early Transcendentals immerse students in challenging, real-world applications of course material. Assign these projects as homework or small group assignments to stimulate discussion and collaboration among your class. In light of the recent SpaceX launch to the International Space Station, consider assigning this project, in which velocity, acceleration, and Newton’s … Continue reading Calculus with Out-of-This-World Applications

166 NEW questions in Hawkes Calculus courseware

We've added quantity and quality to our calculus courseware. Both Single Variable Calculus with Early Transcendentals and Calculus with Early Transcendentals now include additional questions that can be added to lessons and WebTests. View examples of the questions and their corresponding textbook sections and exercises—for example, (2.1.20). VIEW EXAMPLES OF NEW QUESTIONS Explore these new questions through Assignment … Continue reading 166 NEW questions in Hawkes Calculus courseware

NEW TITLE: Mathematics with Applications in Business and Social Sciences

The NEW title, Mathematics with Applications in Business and Social Sciences, covers content from fundamental algebra to finite mathematics and applied essential calculus. A primary emphasis is placed on showing students how to connect mathematics to real-world contexts. Table of Contents Chapter 0: Fundamental Concepts of Algebra 0.1 Real Numbers0.2 The Arithmetic of Algebraic Expressions0.3 Integer … Continue reading NEW TITLE: Mathematics with Applications in Business and Social Sciences

Answer Equivalence in Calculus Courseware

We know that oftentimes in calculus, there's more than one way to solve a problem. While some online systems don't allow for multiple correct answers, Hawkes Learning's courseware was built by subject matter experts who painstakingly went through examples to ensure students are given credit for equivalent answers. Marvin, one of our lead calculus content … Continue reading Answer Equivalence in Calculus Courseware