Instructor Tools

instructor tools

Customized Student To-Do List
Customize headers in your Grade Book to reflect specific groups or modules of assignments in the order you want your students to work.
Diagnostic Testing
Assess your students’ proficiency levels on multiple lessons, helping you further customize your students’ learning paths and maximize their class time.
Lesson Prerequisites
Ensure students complete their lessons and tests in the order you want.
Test Prerequisites
Choose to assign lessons and other WebTests as prerequisites for tests.
Assignment Builder
Create and edit tests and quizzes & customize your curriculum with complete control to tailor your assignments with the content you see fit
Add More Course Materials
Add outside materials for your students to access through their Hawkes platform, such as a syllabus or links to helpful videos.
LMS Sync Tool
Integrate directly with your LMS, including batch enrollment and automatic grade transfer plus single sign on for students.
Edit Scores by Assignment
Edit students’ scores in your grade book on individual assignments.
Hawkes-Compatible Online Proctoring Solutions
Restrict student access to both computer applications and websites while a secured test is in progress to provide additional testing security.
Require Practice
Define the learning path for your students to ensure adequate time is spent solving practice problems before demonstrating mastery in Certify.
Assign Late Penalties
Deduct a fixed amount from students’ grades or set up a graduated penalty when assignments are submitted after the due date has passed.
 Set Assignment Reminders
Keep students on task by sending automatic notifications to students when their homework or tests are due or late.
Shift Multiple Due Dates
Adjust assignment due dates for your entire curriculum at once.
Question Builder
Build your own customized questions using LaTeX to include in your students’ Certifies and WebTests.
Give students the option to try a similar Certify question again before receiving a strike.
Assignment Reviewer
See the exact questions students received in their Certifies and WebTests taken in the web platform.
Archive Grade Book
Archive your Grade Book so you can refer to previous terms’ student scores. 
Hide Sections
Prevent students from enrolling in a section that you want to keep private.