Ace Final Exams With These Student Ambassador-Approved Study Tips

Final exams can be daunting; it’s time to put all the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the semester to the test…literally. Healthy study habits are essential for success in the final stretch of the semester. We asked our helpful Hawkes Learning Student Ambassadors to share their tried and true study practices– here are a few of their top tips for academic success:

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Studying for a test is most effective when you have absorbed the material over the course of several days with at least 8 hours of rest in between days. Give yourself time to learn the material, understand it, and apply it! Cramming the material the night before/day of will not only overwhelm your brain, you’re less likely to retain much (if any) of the information you studied once the test is over.

Alyssa, Radford University

Use Campus Resources

A lot of students do not take full advantage of the resources provided by their university. Many universities offer general tutors for certain subjects. Along with this go to office hours hosted by your teacher, this is a great opportunity to get to know them and ask questions that you may not feel comfortable asking in class. Harder subjects even offer supplemental instruction which is a great way to learn material that you need a deeper explanation on.

Isabelle, University of Mississippi

Teach Someone Else

I found being able to teach someone else the content you are learning in class helps you understand the information better. It also makes your comprehension of the material longer-lasting; you become more of an expert on the information instead of just a recipient of it. Teaching someone else the content also allows you to see what you still need to work on and see what information you have already mastered.

Sophia, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Utilize Hawkes’ Practice Tests

One of the most popular features of the student software among our Student Ambassadors is the ability to create their own Practice Tests!

In the software, students can generate as many practice tests as they need to master content and can customize them with their desired number of questions, a time limit, and which topics they want to be included.

Upon submitting the practice test, Hawkes’ intelligent software provides meaningful feedback and the ability to review missed questions, complete with the Tutor tool, solutions, and links to the Learn screens for immediate remediation.

From Our Ambassadors

“Hawkes Learning also has many resources that really help solidify material, such as the ability to make practice tests with unique problems to make sure you really know it!”

“When you are unsure of a topic or get some answers wrong, the program provides different explanations to help you work through what you are struggling with. This was one of my favorite studying habits because it felt more dynamic and hands-on, giving you better practice with answering questions based on the course material.”

The “learn” button within Practice mode explains step-by-step how to work through problems. And when I found I still did not understand how to work through it, it offers a solution that I can use to work backward from and see how the answer is found. Hawkes also allows you to create your own practice tests!”

Watch this short video to learn more about creating and using Practice Tests in Hawkes Learning’s student software.

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