A little bird told us…

…that it’s Customer Appreciation Month!

Thank you to all the instructors who inspire us with your hard work, passion, and dedication to your students and their learning. You and your students keep us striving to do our best and help us enjoy what we’re working toward each day.

We have to say…we must be doing something right, because you guys have said some pretty nice things about us! Here are some of your most recent comments that make us glow with pride and happiness. Hope you enjoy as much as we did, and thank you!


Another fun Pi Day celebration at NMJC!

More than 2,000 children, adults, and students attended New Mexico Junior College’s annual Pi Day Fair and Celebration this year! Hundreds of volunteers made the event possible, including NMJC instructors and students; a local motor cycle club; Hobbs Rotary; bridge players from Odessa, Midland, and Carlsbad; about 30 high school students; and even two elementary students. Generous support from local organizations and businesses ensured attendees had plenty of fun activities, prizes, and treats to celebrate Pi Day with a bang.

“Pi Day was SENSATIONAL!” reports the event’s head organizer, Professor of Mathematics Shyla McGill. One of the many reasons the celebration was so sensational is that it connects math to real-world scenarios and so many different subject areas. The day included “lots of fun, lots of science and math, some music and history. The community LOVES Pi day; it was a blast!”

You can tell just from the photos that everyone who attended had fun while learning. Activities included story time, Mobius strip building, a maze in the shape of pi, and calculations involving finding the volume of chocolate bars and crackers and finding the length and time it takes to make a pendulum swing. The Music Department had two booths that included activities on sound waves. The history of the food pie and the number pi was included in the day as well.

Hawkes was honored to be part of this year’s event. Training & Support Specialist Rebecca Craig enjoyed working with the children in the community and showing them how to make Cartesian divers at an activity booth.


Check out the fun in some of the photos below!

Want to see more of the fun? Biology instructor and filmmaker Brittany Gale created a video highlighting the events of the day:

Updates to questions in select math products!

We’ve updated the default curriculum to include new questions just in time for the spring term. The updated questions provide a more uniform level of difficulty to give the overall lesson more consistency. Most do not require a calculator for your students to complete. In many cases, these questions cover lesson topics more comprehensively than before.

*Please note that these new questions are only available to students using the web platform at learn.hawkeslearning.com.*

To see the new questions, please log into your Assignment Builder to view your curriculum. These questions are marked as new and are always located at the very bottom of the lesson so that they’re easy to identify:

Here is a list of the new questions and where to find them:

  • Developmental Mathematics
    • Lesson 2.2
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 2.3
      • Questions 10-16
  • Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra
    • Lesson 2.4
      • Questions 21-27
    • Lesson 2.6
      • Questions 18-21
  • Beginning Statistics Plus Integrated Review
    • Lesson 4.R.1
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 4.R.2
      • Questions 10-16
  • Viewing Life Mathematically Plus Integrated Review
    • Lesson 7.R.1
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 7.R.2
      • Questions 10-16
  • Developmental Math – North Carolina Curriculum
    • Lesson 2.2
      • Questions 21-27
    • Lesson 2.4
      • Questions 44-50
  • Foundations of Mathematics for Virginia
    • Lesson 1.4
      • Questions 45-50
    • Lesson 3.3
      • Based on instructor feedback, we’ve added one question on the topic of estimating square roots and replaced a few questions with new, more refined problem cases


If you have any questions about these updates, please contact your Training and Support Specialist or call 1-800-426-9538.

College algebra students plagued by scattered notes will benefit from this!

Do your college algebra students have difficulty keeping track of the concepts you’re teaching? Are they having trouble organizing their notes to prepare for tests? We have the solution:

Cover of College Algebra Guided Notebook by Christopher Schroeder at Morehead State University

College Algebra Guided Notebook

Dr. Christopher Schroeder 
Morehead State University

This guided notebook complements Hawkes Learning’s online courseware because it:

  • offers students writing and thinking space to work out algebra problems
  • walks students through Hawkes’s online Learn mode with detailed explanations
  • provides additional practice problems and links to online videos
  • relates math to students in a conversational tone
  • keeps notes in one centralized location

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at 1-800-426-9538 or sales@hawkeslearning.com.

FREE download: Foundations of English Textbook

Our Foundations of English textbook puts learning directly into students’ hands. It helps your students gain a thorough understanding of study skills, critical thinking, reading, and writing.

This engaging text, which is a hybrid between a traditional textbook and a workbook, has been designed specifically for students at the foundational English level. The reading level is accessible; the instruction is practical; and the examples are relevant and engaging. The text challenges students to apply the course content to school, work, and everyday life.

Check out the first chapter here.

Pair the Foundations of English text with the accompanying online courseware so students have full access to practice questions, interactive examples, and our user-friendly peer review tool called SmartReview.

Guide Student Success with NEW Guided Notes

Package our two newest course offerings with Guided Notes, available for summer 2017! These notes are a wonderful resource to accompany the integrated review content of the online subject matter.

Get a special preview here of Beginning Statistics Plus Integrated Review Guided Notes.

Check out a sample of Viewing Life Mathematically Plus Integrated Review Guided Notes.

Check out a sample of College Algebra Plus Integrated Review Guided Notes.

Ideal for corequisite courses, lab settings, and students entering class with foundational knowledge gaps, these courses integrate credit-bearing material with review to target the prerequisite skills needed for curriculum-level success.

NEW Guided Notes, a binder-ready supplement, ensure students engage with the content as they follow along throughout the instructional “Learn” mode of the courseware and serve as reference material for review later on.

Here are a few sample questions:

A sample question from the guided notes asks students to label the parts of the fraction 5/8. It then asks students to fill in the blank in the sentence Fractions are used to indicate blank of a whole and the sentence The fraction 2/7 represents blank of blank equal parts. Another question shows a rectangle split up into four smaller rectangles, three of which are shaded. Use the picture below to write a fraction representing the shaded portion of the shape.


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