Introduction to Sociology: A Comprehensive Guide to Core Sociological Concepts

Explore an application-driven approach to core sociological concepts with the NEW Introduction to Sociology textbook, e-book & software!

With straightforward, approachable language, this introductory-level course summarizes key topics and explores them through the lenses of major theoretical perspectives while fostering data literacy, critical thinking, and self-awareness. Students gain a balanced, thoughtful approach to understanding the impactful ways that individuals and society shape one another with this easy-to-follow curriculum.

Foster Lasting Knowledge with Textbook Features Including:

Real-World Applications

Relevant examples and scenarios including social issues like racial justice, COVID-19, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, climate change, and politics encourage students to use their sociological imaginations to find connections to their own experiences and the world around them. These applications are at the heart of the textbook.

Further Resources

Different students have different learning styles. The additional resource links are highlighted throughout each chapter to help students connect concepts to outside sources ranging from TED Talks to contemporary data & studies.

Dig Deeper

Sidebars in the textbook contextualize complex topics to deepen understanding through a further examination of related ideas and real-life scenarios.

Interactive Exercises and Activities

Reflection Questions, Chapter Projects, On Your Own Activities, & Group Activities prompt students to apply lessons in real-time. Through these interactive activities and open-ended exercises, they make connections and develop their sociological imagination.

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