Tuesday Tip: Use the Hawkes Equivalent of an Invisibility Cloak

You’re already thinking about setting up your summer and fall courses that use Hawkes because you’re a go-getter. You’re updating your HLS Lesson Due Dates template underneath the Assignments tab when you think back to the beginning of the current term. Students logged into their courseware for the first time in January, and they were surprised to see so many assignments due already. Granted, you spaced out the due dates, but the initial shock of seeing the assignments all at once overwhelmed a few students.

Instead of having students see all their assignments at the very start of the term, use the Visible On option in the Additional Options area of your due dates template.

The Show Additional Options button is to the right of the Shift Multiple Due Dates button in the HLS due dates template.

You can choose which dates you’d like the assignments to show up for students. Before this date, they will not see the lesson in their to-do lists. It will become visible to students on the date that you provide.

The Visible On feature is between the Assign and Include in Grade check boxes. You can select the calendar icon or type which date you want assignments to show up for students.

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