Strengthen Students’ Writing Skills with This Handbook (Sample Download Included!)

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only about a quarter of 12th graders write at or above a proficient level. Several students struggle in their English classes because they don’t know how to organize their thoughts on paper and use proper grammar. They may have brilliant ideas, but when it comes to sharing these through writing, the results may not reflect students’ full potential. Students need quality materials that help them learn how to read and write effectively. Fortunately, we have just that!

Hawkes Learning offers Foundations of English and English Composition (fall 2016) to help students become stronger readers and writers. A bundling option for fall 2016 includes the Reading and Writing Handbook for the College Student to further ensure students’ understanding of key concepts like organizational patterns in essays, punctuation, the research process, and proper citation.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Reading and Writing
1: Reading and Writing Critically
2: The Writing Process
3: Academic Essay Structures
4: Organizational Patterns
5: Writing Across the Curriculum
Part 2: Effective Sentences
6: Combining Word Groups
7: Agreement
8: Modifiers
9: Word Choice
10: Shifts in Tense and Person
Part 3: Grammar Basics
11: Parts of Speech
12: Components of a Complete Sentence
Part 4: Punctuation and Mechanics
13: Punctuation
14: Spelling
Part 5: Research
15: The Research Process
16: Research Writing
17: MLA
18: APA
19: CMS
20: CSE

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