Keyboard shortcuts in the student courseware – web platform

At Hawkes, we want to make sure students are focusing on learning the content of your lessons, not on how to input their answers into our system.

When students are in the Practice and Certify modes, they have access to a keypad within the courseware.

The button labeled keypad is highlighted.

A keypad showing mathematical symbols in a chart.

The keypad is available to students; however, we also have keyboard shortcuts for inputting answers at These shortcuts accommodate all students, especially those who have motor disabilities and cannot use a computer mouse to access the keypad.

Check out the available keyboard shortcuts below, and feel free to share with students!

Keypad Function Keyboard Shortcut
To move the cursor to home in Input Home key
To move the cursor to end in Input End key
Exponent Shift+6 (^)
Subscript Shift+- (_)
Fraction Ctrl+Shift+F OR
/ OR
/ on number pad
Square Root/Radical Ctrl+Alt+R
Parentheses: ( ) (  (Shift+9)  OR
)  (Shift+0)
Vertical bars (absolute values): | | Ctrl+Shift+\ (Ctrl+|)
Square brackets: [ ] [   OR    ]
Curly braces: { } Shift+[  ({)  OR
Shift+]  (})
( ]  Bracket Ctrl+]
[ )  Bracket Ctrl+[
Angular braces: < > Ctrl+Alt+,   OR
Greatest Integer: 〚〛 Ctrl+Alt+[  OR
Less Than or Equal To: ≤ Ctrl+Shift+, (Ctrl+<)
Greater Than or Equal To: ≥ Ctrl+Shift+. (Ctrl+>)
Pipe: | Shift+\  (|)
Log: log( ) Ctrl+Alt+L
Natural Log: ln( ) Ctrl+Alt+N
Sine Ctrl+Alt+S
Sine power Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
Cosine Ctrl+Alt+C
Cosine power Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Tangent Ctrl+Alt+T
Tangent power Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Union symbol: È Ctrl+Shift+U
Intersection: Ç Ctrl+Alt+U
Degree: ° Ctrl+Shift+’ (Ctrl+”)
Plus or Minus: ± Ctrl+Alt+-
Divided By: ÷ Ctrl+Alt+/
Not Equal To: ¹ Ctrl+Alt+=
Capital A not: A0 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Capital V not: V0 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Small v not: v0 Ctrl+Alt+V
Infinity: ∞ Ctrl+Alt+I
Empty Set: Æ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O
d-bar Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D
belongs to: Î Ctrl+Alt+E
p-hat Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Cross: ´ Shift+8  (*)  OR
x-bar Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X
Complex Numbers: C Ctrl+Alt+D, C
Natural Numbers: N Ctrl+Alt+D, N
Rational Numbers: Q Ctrl+Alt+D, Q
Real Numbers: R Ctrl+Alt+D, R
Integers: Z Ctrl+Alt+D, Z
Lowercase Alpha: α Ctrl+Alt+G, A
Lowercase Beta: β Ctrl+Alt+G, B
Lowercase Gamma: g Ctrl+Alt+G, G
Lowercase Lambda: λ Ctrl+Alt+G, L
Lowercase mu: m Ctrl+Alt+G, M
Lowercase Pi: π Ctrl+Alt+G, P
Theta: θ Ctrl+Alt+G, Q
Lowercase Sigma: σ Ctrl+Alt+G, S
Lowercase omega: ω Ctrl+Alt+G, W
Dashed char (Prime input form): ¢ Ctrl+Alt+’
Conjunction (logical “and”): Ù Ctrl+Alt+A
Disjunction (logical “or”): Ú Ctrl+Alt+O
Rightwards double arrow (Implies): Þ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
Negation: ~ Shift+` (~)  OR

How to view questions students struggle with and reply with feedback

Did you know that your students can send you a screenshot of a problem they are struggling with in the Practice mode through our Send to Instructor tool?

This tool gives you the ability to see exactly what question students need help with and provide instruction or hints to help them solve the problem. If you don’t already have this enabled, you can do so under Tools Tab -> Display Options:

An arrow points to a check box next to the words

If you’re looking for an interactive way to respond and show students a worked-out solution to the question, here are some apps for iPads and other Mac products that instructors have shared with us on how they accomplish this!

Notability ($7.99)

The Notability app.

ZoomNotes Lite (Free)

 The ZoomNotes Lite app

Mental Note Lite (Free)

The Mental Note Lite app.

To respond using one of the above apps, open the email from the Hawkes messaging system on your iPad/tablet or phone and take a screenshot of the question. Each app gives you the ability to choose the photos from your photo gallery that you’d like to use.

Just like using a whiteboard, you are able to work out the problem and show students the step-by-step breakdown of the work! When you’re finished, you can send your worked-out solution by email. (ZoomNotes Lite even has graph paper!)

A handwritten equation worked out on the screen.

Don’t have a Mac product? No problem! Dr. Stephan Kinholt from Green River College has shared how he sends feedback to students using his PC in the video he created below:

Tuesday Tip: Test Prerequisites

Want to make sure students have completed particular lessons or tests before they can access their next WebTest? You can ensure this progression through test prerequisites.

After you’re done editing your WebTest in Assignment Builder (and make sure you save those changes!), select Assign in the top right corner. You’ll see the settings you can edit:

The Prerequisites option is underneath Edit Settings and directly below Student Settings by Test.

Choose which lessons you’d like students to complete before starting this test by selecting the checkbox next to the lesson name. You’ll see the prerequisite lessons populate on the left. You can always delete prerequisites you don’t want by selecting the X.

Lesson names are on the right of the screen. When you select the check box next to the title, it populates on the left to signify that it is a test prerequisite. You can use the X on the right of the prerequisite to deselect it.

You also have the choice of making other WebTests prerequisites for your current test. These are found right underneath the prerequisite lessons.

Test names are on the right of the screen. When you select the check box next to the title, it populates on the left to signify that it is a test prerequisite. You can use the X on the right of the prerequisite to deselect it.

Once you’ve made your choices, select the Assign button in the top right corner to make this WebTest available to specific sections.

Tuesday Tip: Delete or replace archived questions

If you’ve been using Hawkes for a while, you may have noticed that we archive problem types that are not presenting themselves as flawlessly as others. Instead, we create newer and better versions. However, we would never want to remove anything you have assigned without your permission. By replacing the archived questions, your WebTests and curricula will contain the same objectives; this change simply ensures that students will be seeing the latest and greatest problems we offer.

Tests that have archived questions are not compatible
with the web platform, so they can’t be opened in thatA red flag is right next to the quiz title Quiz #1 Review
version of the student courseware. These tests are notated by red flags in your test list when you log into your Grade Book and go to Assignments > WebTests.

From there, you can find a full list of archived questions for each test under Manage > View Archived Cases.

The number of archived cases is listed to the write of the lesson names that are included in the WebTest.

Within the test, there is a notification message to let you know the test can only be opened in the installed platform.

Warning! There are archived questions on this WebTest. Students will need to use the installed software to complete the WebTest.

The individual archived questions are labeled with a red flag when the test is opened in Assignment Builder as well.

Preview of this question is currently not supported in the online version of the Hawkes Learning software.

These questions should be replaced in order for students to access the latest and greatest Hawkes questions and to do so from the web platform. In many cases, there are nearly identical forms of the questions that can replace the archived ones.

If the tests are no longer being used, feel free to delete them from the test list to keep your Grade Book streamlined!

Would you like our help?  Let your Training & Support Specialist know, and we can replace the archived questions for you automatically!  Howeverwe need your permission since that does mean changing questions that you have chosen in the past. Contact us at 



Tuesday Tip: Use the Hawkes Equivalent of an Invisibility Cloak

You’re already thinking about setting up your summer and fall courses that use Hawkes because you’re a go-getter. You’re updating your HLS Lesson Due Dates template underneath the Assignments tab when you think back to the beginning of the current term. Students logged into their courseware for the first time in January, and they were surprised to see so many assignments due already. Granted, you spaced out the due dates, but the initial shock of seeing the assignments all at once overwhelmed a few students.

Instead of having students see all their assignments at the very start of the term, use the Visible On option in the Additional Options area of your due dates template.

The Show Additional Options button is to the right of the Shift Multiple Due Dates button in the HLS due dates template.

You can choose which dates you’d like the assignments to show up for students. Before this date, they will not see the lesson in their to-do lists. It will become visible to students on the date that you provide.

The Visible On feature is between the Assign and Include in Grade check boxes. You can select the calendar icon or type which date you want assignments to show up for students.

Please note that this feature is available through the web platform only. Materials accessed via the web platform include the following: Developmental Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra, Preparation for College Mathematics, Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Introductory & Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Beginning Statistics, Discovering Statistics, Discovering Business Statistics, Viewing Life Mathematically, and Foundations of English.

Tuesday Tip: Be a Copycat

Short on time when you have to start building another course section using Hawkes materials? We’ve got you covered with the course copy tool.

The course copy tool allows you to copy over settings from one section to another section or instructor in your Grade Book so you can skip the extra work. When you use this tool, you can copy over the following settings:

  • Hawkes Assignment Groups and grading options
  • all assigned WebTests
  • HLS lesson due dates
  • Other Assignment templates
  • curriculum
  • course materials template
  • HLS lesson late penalties
  • attendance policy
  • reminders template
  • section settings:
    • section meeting times
    • section start and end dates
    • settings allowing assignments to be completed before or after the section start and end dates
    • settings to set incomplete assignment scores to zero after the section end date
    • time of day lessons are due
    • time zone

How do you access this tool? Log into your Grade Book, then select the Tools tab. Navigate to the Manage Sections link and select your name and section. The course copy tool is on the right-hand side:

The course copy tool allows you to copy settings from another section. Select the instructor and section you wish to copy settings and assignments from.

Choose which instructor and setting you’d like to copy, then save your changes. You’ll save yourself plenty of time using this tool!