76 Question Types to Spice Up Your Liberal Arts Math Class

The Viewing Life Mathematically courseware continues to grow! Check out some of the question types now available to you and your students.

Lesson 1.1: Thinking Mathematically
Help make sure students understand counterexamples with this example:

Find a counterexample to the statement.

The quotient of an integer and a decimal number is never an integer.

There are multiple correct answers in this case.

Lesson 6.1: Everyday Geometry and Applications
There’s a set of three related questions that use a similar figure and ask a student to find the measure of angle 1, 2, or 3. These test your students’ knowledge of the sum of angles in a triangle and opposite angles.

This question tests a student’s knowledge of the sum of angles in a triangle and opposite angles.

Lesson 7.3: Using Counting Methods to Find Probability
Want to ensure your students understand the complement rules of probability? You probably do! Here’s what question type you should assign:

Find the probability of choosing a letter other than the letter S from a bag that contains the eighteen letters of the name SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN. Express your answer as a fraction in lowest terms or a decimal rounded to the nearest millionth.


Lesson 7.4: Addition and Multiplication Rules of Probability
Assign this question to test students’ knowledge of independent events.

Select all of the situations that contain independent events.

A: Pulling a red marble from a jar and then putting a second red marble from a jar without replacing the first marble.

B: The destinations of three randomly selected travelers at an airport.

C: Running every day and winning a marathon.

D: Selecting an A and then an S from a pile of face-down lettered tiles without replacing the first tile.


Lesson 9.3: Saving Money
Your students will have to calculate the monthly payment required to meet a retirement fund goal for this question. I should brush up on this information myself!

Ruby wishes to retire at age 65 with $1,200,000 in her retirement account. When she turns 25, she decides to begin depositing money into an account with an APR of 8%. What is the monthly deposit Ruby must make in order to reach her goal? Round your answer to the nearest cent, if necessary.


All in all, there are more than 70 new question types available to assign to your students. Below is a list of sections where you can find them.

1.1: Thinking Mathematically

1.2: Problem Solving: Processes and Techniques 

2.1: Set Notation

2.2: Subsets and Venn Diagrams

2.4: Applications and Survey Analysis

5.4: Exponential Growth

6.1: Everyday Geometry and Applications

6.2: Circles, Polygons, Perimeter, and Area 

7.1: Introduction to Probability

7.3: Using Counting Methods to Find Probability 

7.4: Addition and Multiplication Rules of Probability 

7.5: Expected Value 

9.1: Understanding Personal Finance 

9.2: Understanding Interest

9.3: Saving Money

9.4: Borrowing Money

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