Tuesday Tip: Quick steps to take at the end of term

With classes winding down, we wanted to post a quick reminder on what you can do with your Hawkes Grade Book to make things as easy as possible. Make sure you perform the tasks below to avoid unnecessary stress!

At the end of the term:

  • Meet with your Training & Support Specialist to discuss any feedback or questions from the term.
  • Back up the data in your Grade Book by taking an archive under Tools > Archive Grade Books.
  • Reset your Grade Book to clear out old student data and to prepare the Grade Book for a new term under Tools > Reset Grade Books. You will still be able to access old Grade Book data in your archives.


Checklist for a new term:
Several of these items are optional. If you want to keep things relatively similar from one term to the next, the Course Copy tool found when adding or editing a section name can easily copy over all settings at one time.

Suggested Steps

  • Archive and reset your Grade Book
    Tools > Archive Grade Books
    Tools > Reset Grade Books
  • Create your new sections
    Tools > Manage Sections
  • Edit an existing section or create a new one
    Use the Course Copy tool to copy over all course templates to your new section
  • Adjust or confirm your weights and assignment groups
    Grade Settings > Assignment Groups
  • Enter or adjust your lesson due dates
    Assignments > HLS Lesson Due Dates

Additional Options

  • Set up or adjust your assignment reminders
    Tools > Communications > Assignment Reminders
  • Update or confirm your late homework policy
    Grade Settings > HLS Lesson Late Penalty
  • Update or create new WebTests and test settings
    Assignments > WebTest
  • Add or edit Other Assignments
    Assignments > Other Assignments
  • Add to or modify your course materials
    Assignments > Course Materials
  • Assign or edit your course curriculum
    Assignments > Curriculum

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