All Student Scores Report Has a New Look

You’ve probably checked out the All Student Scores report under the Reports tab in the Grade Book. There, you can see students’ overall grades, individual assignment grades, and assignments turned in on time or late. But have you seen its new look?

Yup. This report got a makeover. The updated report has an easy-to-use scroll bar on the side to view all students and assignments quickly. The new layout makes the scores easier to read as well.

All Student Scores Report

With this new interface, you can add more robust settings and filters right away to see which sections, students, and assignments you want.

Filter scores by students, sections, assignment types, and instructors.

You can add more filters or change them whenever you need.

Filters in All Student Scores report

Select the Show View Settings button to open up a whole world of options. For example, you can view lesson completion time and assigned lessons only.

Look at specific settings like letter grades, full assignment names, lesson completion time, expand all assignment groups, highlight reviewable assignments, and assigned lessons only.

Know how you can view Certify attempts if students completed their work in the web platform? You can see at a glance the assignments on which you can use Assignment Reviewer by selecting the Highlight reviewable assignments option.

Selecting the Highlight Reviewable Assignments option lets to see what assignments you can view in Assignment Reviewer.

When you scroll through the students’ HLS lessons, the assignments completed in the web platform will appear in white. Select that particular check mark and choose Review Assignment from the drop-down menu.

A highlighted checkmark means you can review that assignment from your Grade Book.

If you have any questions on this new layout, contact your Training and Support Specialist at 1-800-426-9538 or

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