Tuesday Tip: Assigning Late Penalties

Assign a late penalty for homework.

You’re about to fall asleep after a long day of teaching, grading, and arguing with a colleague over whether George Boole or Luca Pacioli has been the more influential mathematician. (You accounted for several points in the argument, but she had Boolean logic on her side. You’ll have to pick the discussion back up tomorrow.) Before dreams of winter break (too soon?) flood your REM cycle, you jolt to attention as you think, Did I assign a late penalty for my Hawkes class in the Grade Book? CAN I assign a late penalty in the Grade Book?

While I can’t answer the first question right now, the second question’s answer is a resounding yes!

To assign a late penalty from your Grade Book, go into the Grade Settings tab and select Lesson Late Penalty. Choose your section and name your template. Choose whether you’d like to deduct a fixed amount from students’ grades or set up a graduated penalty. We suggest assigning a graduated penalty as a best practice. If you take that option, you can then select how many days late students will still receive credit for their Certify homework lessons and what percentage of points the penalty will deduct each day.

Make sure to save your changes, and you can rest easy!

Check out our quick video tutorial below, and find other tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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