Why isn’t more being done to increase access to higher ed?

This article is from The Huffington Post.

Gabriel Sanchez Zinny provides possible answers to why more hasn’t been done to expand access to higher education. Sanchez Zinny claims regulation plays a huge role because so few brand-new education providers receive accreditation. Not enough funding presents another large barrierfor both institutions and students. Students can get frustrated with overly complicated financial aid processes and miss out on opportunities that can help them pay for school.

These reasons, among others, make the process of applying to and staying in school too difficult for too many students, especially for non-traditional students. The author notes that the current achievement gap also has major implications for the Hispanic population. According to his research, 40 percent of white adults aged 25-29 have a bachelor’s degree, while 15 percent of Hispanics in that age group have a bachelor’s degree. Also, 62% of white students who enroll in college complete their degrees, while a little over half of Hispanic students finish (“How Can Hispanics Get Ahead in Higher Education?”). We need to work together so more students have access to education and can complete their degrees.

Read more from the original article here.

Sanchez Zinny, Gabriel. “How Can Hispanics Get Ahead in Higher Education?” The Huffington Post. The Huffington Post, 8 Sept. 2015. Web. 9 Sept. 2015.

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