Top 3 Study Tips from Our Spring Student Ambassadors

After a semester full of learning it’s time to finish your courses strong by acing the final exams! Having healthy study habits is key to being able to retain and apply all the knowledge of the term not only to the test but to the next semester’s courses and beyond.

So, we asked our helpful Hawkes Learning Student Ambassadors to share their best study practices– here are 3 of their top tips for academic success:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

“When doing work, such as math, tools, and software are very useful for the student when it comes to practicing, which practice makes perfect.”

Hawkes allows you to “review the lesson you are practicing and can even help you work through the equation step-by-step. In addition to that, you can use the practice feature as many times as you would like before moving on to certify. When I use the program, I complete the practice feature at least twice before certifying.”

Logan, College of Coastal Georgia
& Maggie, Belmont University

I have always been a big fan of both the practice tests and practice sections on Hawkes Learning.
– Ben, Seminole State College

2. Set Goals & Reward Yourself

Whether your goals are overarching or targeted per class, “setting goals is a key element to improving performance and developing good study habits.” Once you’ve determined what your goals are for a study session you can better strategize and

“Rewarding yourself is a way of taking care of yourself after a long week or many exams. It refreshes you as a student and helps you recharge your energy to keep going. Rewards could be donuts, a drink from your favorite coffee shop, an episode from a TV Show, or getting your favorite meal. Other ways of taking care of yourself are getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, going for a walk, and going out with friends.”

Ashley, Butler Community College

3. Learn from Your Mistakes

Rather than continuing to study the topics you’ve already mastered, you can create practice tests on only the sections that need more work. Error-specific feedback helps explain common mistakes and why your answer is incorrect while the step-by-step tutor walks students through the problem-solving process.

With a program like Hawkes, when you get a problem wrong, it will show you a step-by-step on how to do the problem, which helps me understand what I did wrong and how to go back and fix it.”
– Kerrigan, Seminole State College

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