Meet Our Student Ambassadors for Spring 2023

Introducing Our Spring 2023 Student Ambassadors

We are so excited to introduce our Spring 2023 Student Ambassadors!

Each semester, Hawkes Learning teams up with students across the country for an internship focused on assisting those who are new to our online software platform. Ambassadors meet with their peers to provide one-on-one guidance and answer any questions they may have about Hawkes, such as where to go to complete homework, how to create a practice test, and helpful Hawkes tools to boost those grades!

Read below to meet some of our bright and talented ambassadors from schools across the country.

Mikayla Woodward
Butler Community College

Mikayla is a junior at Butler Community College. She plays volleyball and recently transferred from Minot State University. Mikayla holds a 3.9 GPA in all 5 semesters of college and is a math tutor for her peers.

Mikayla plans to graduate with a computer science degree and wishes to pursue a career in cybersecurity or software engineering and will be transferring to Western Colorado University in the fall. She enjoys spending time with her team and helping her peers succeed in their studies. Mikayla was born and raised in rural northern Saskatchewan, Canada, and came to the U.S. to pursue her volleyball career.

Ben Parker
Seminole State College

Ben Parker and his twin sister were born in a small town of roughly 10,000 people in the panhandle of Oklahoma right at the turn of the 20th century. At a young age, Ben was always outside riding his bike or getting involved in something he probably shouldn’t have. When Ben and his twin were entering kindergarten, their family moved from the panhandle to central Oklahoma for his father’s work. Ben had the good fortune of graduating from the same school system he began kindergarten at.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Ben began working in the public school system while taking some time off from his own schooling. Most of his time working in public schools has been spent working as a para-professional in various settings. The work Ben does is highly rewarding to him and has led him to pursue his ambitions of attending law school to stick up for the most vulnerable in our population.

Maggie Woodward
Belmont University

Maggie Woodward is a sophomore at Belmont University majoring in theatre directing. Her skills include teamwork, a strong work ethic, and perseverance. Maggie is also a National Theatre Honor Society Alpha Psi Omega member. Maggie enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, watching movies, and learning Korean. Upon graduation in 2025, Maggie hopes to put her feet on the ground running in the professional theatre world. Her dream is to become a professional stage manager.

Nayla McClure
Tougaloo College

Nayla McClure is a freshman Political Science major Pre-Law Minor at the prestigious Tougaloo College.  She is from the small town of Utica, Mississippi where she resides with her parents and two younger siblings. Nayla is an active member in school and in her community. At Tougaloo, Nayla serves as the Chief of Staff for the freshman magazine, the Chief of Staff for the freshman planning committee, the Treasurer for the American Association of College Women, and is a Reuben V. Anderson Pre-Law society member as well as a member of the Strada H.B.C.U Initiative.

In her community, Nayla serves as a tutor at Noel Gladys Bates Elementary and she is a choir member at the Greater White Oak Missionary Baptist Church. In her free time, Nayla enjoys reading, trying out new restaurants in Jackson, and helping others.

Nayla’s favorite quote: “If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou

Ashley Camacho Aranguren
Butler Community College

Ashley is a sophomore at Butler Community College where she is majoring in Accounting and works in Accounts Receivable. In her free time, she loves taking landscape or portrait pictures, drawing, and cooking. She eventually wants to work as a Certified Public Accountant, and her dream job is to become Public Accountant for a consulting firm in Kansas City. Ashley’s favorite classes are accounting, math, statistics and computing. She loves God, her family and enjoys helping people. Ashley is a Venezuelan girl, who is passionate about businesses, traveling and encouraging people.

Logan Zimmerman
College of Coastal Georgia

Logan Zimmerman is a 2nd-semester freshman at the College of Coastal Georgia. He is majoring in Environmental Science, studying Chemistry and Geology. Logan participates in many extracurricular activities, such as being the President of the College’s Band and Environmental Club and a member of the Student Government Senate Board while juggling being a full-time student, taking on 20 credit hours, and still having time for himself. Logan loves tutoring College Algebra and is the Hawkes Ambassador for the entire college, helping students in need.

Madhava Aditya Bharadwaj Pinapati
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Aditya is a Mechanical Engineering major at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As a freshman, he has big plans for his future education, including earning a Master’s and Ph.D.

Some of Aditya’s accomplishments are, winning a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), submitting a project to NASA, and completing a summer course with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Adding to this list is the Internship experience with Hawkes. Aditya aspires to work for esteemed automobile firms like Ferrari and Lamborghini, motorsports teams like Red Bull Racing, or a space research group like ISRO. In his leisure time, Aditya enjoys watching Formula One races, playing badminton, riding motorcycles, taking long drives, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Kerrigan Vass
Seminole State College

I grew up in a very small town in Oklahoma– around four hundred and fifty people where everyone knows everyone. I have played sports my whole life, softball and basketball and have always loved being active and being outside. I knew since I was little that I wanted to play either softball or basketball at the collegiate level and am currently on the basketball team here at Seminole State College where I am working towards getting into the nursing program.

Interested in being a Student Ambassador? Click here to learn more and see when fall 2024 applications are open!

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