Meet Our Student Ambassadors for Fall 2022

Welcome to our fall 2022 ambassadors

We are so excited to introduce our Fall 2022 Student Ambassadors!

Each semester, Hawkes Learning teams up with students across the country for an internship focused on assisting those who are new to our online software platform. Ambassadors meet with their peers to provide one-on-one guidance and answer any questions they may have about Hawkes, such as how to register a license number, where to go to complete homework, how to create a practice test, and which tools are the most helpful in boosting those grades! Below are a few of the bright and talented students we work with.

Payton – College of Coastal Georgia

Payton is a sophomore at the College of Coastal Georgia majoring in hospitality and tourism management. After graduation Payton aims to work within the hotel industry. Some of their hobbies include reading and being active in on-campus clubs like Gender Sexuality Alliance and Student Government.

Alyssa – Radford University

Alyssa is a sophomore at Radford University. She initially was a criminal justice pre-major, but she is considering changing her major this year to either biology or psychology. This is Alyssa’s first year being a Resident Advisor on campus. Following college, she hopes to pursue some sort of further education. Although she is not sure what she wants to do as a career yet, Alyssa hopes to work in a job that will enable her to do something she loves while traveling the world!

Victoria – University of Mississippi

Victoria is a junior at the University of Mississippi, where she is pursuing a BA in psychology and a chemistry minor on the pre-medicinal track. She hopes to attend medical school in the fall of 2025 after graduation! Victoria spends her free time at the gym, as well as at home crocheting and cooking. In addition to being a Hawkes Ambassador, she also is a member of Oxford Helping Hands, a group that connects students in Oxford with tutors.

Carley – Seminole State College

Carley is a senior at Holdenville High School and currently attends Seminole State College in Seminole, Oklahoma. Carley is going to college to get her health science degree to help her eventually become an orthodontist. This has been her end goal for as long as she can remember and she has always loved being able to help others feel better. Some of Carley’s hobbies include make-up, fashion, doing nails, and photography; she has enjoyed these hobbies since she was a little girl.

Jessie – Snow College

Jessie is a sophomore at Snow College and is currently working toward a major in forensic science. Jessie enjoys the outdoors and being around her fellow peers. She thrives on learning new things and picking up new hobbies. A cool fun fact about Jessie is she is half Colombian, so she speaks the Spanish language and got a minor in Spanish from the University of Utah while she was in high school. She is a part of three clubs: Latinos in Action, Baile Latino club, and the book club. She loves to read, so book club helps her set time aside for herself to find new books and talk to other people about them who enjoy it the same way she does. She hopes that after graduation she will be able to start her career in forensics and can help those who need some form of comfort during the messy and hard times in their lives. 

Faith – Belmont University

Faith is a junior at Belmont University, double majoring in music business and audio engineering technology. In her free time, she enjoys songwriting, writing poetry, and playing guitar. Her dream job is to be a Society of European Stage Authors and Composers country songwriter and independent artist.

Isabelle – University of Mississippi

Isabelle is a sophomore at The University of Mississippi pursuing a double major in accounting and Spanish. Her goal after graduation is to become a certified public accountant and work in an auditing firm. She is involved in Phi Mu where she serves as the alumnae chair and helps with philanthropy events. In her free time, Isabelle enjoys riding her horse, taking her dog for walks, learning how to cook, and playing intramural sports.

Mia – Guilford College

Mia is a junior at Guilford College and is double majoring in biology and health sciences. She is a member of the honors program and plans on attending PA school after she graduates. In Mia’s free time, she enjoys watching Modern Family, hanging out with her friends, and riding her bike. Mia is easy to talk to and enjoys meeting new people.

Alexandria – San Juan College

Alexandria is a sophomore at San Juan College, where she is majoring in health information technology. She is a mother to a five-year-old son and is also expecting a second son. In her family’s free time they enjoy attending Monster Jam events and going camping. She is working to obtain her associate’s and eventually plans to receive her bachelor’s degree. Alexandria’s favorite class so far is Legal and Ethical Issues in HIT. She is currently undecided on what specific field of work she will get into after she graduates but is leaning toward becoming a Medical Assistant.

Sophia – University of North Carolina Charlotte

Sophia is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, where she is on a pre-communication track with a concentration in mass media. She enjoys going to the gym, watching movies, and hanging out with her friends. She is also the secretary for the Orthodox Christian Fellowship chapter on campus. After graduation, Sophia hopes to pursue a career in the film industry and travel the world. She is excited to take on this role as a Hawkes Learning Ambassador.

Devin – Texas Tech University

Devin is a student at Texas Tech University majoring in Electrical Engineering. Devin was born and raised in Hobbs, New Mexico. He wishes to graduate in the top percentile of his class and hopes of working with a large company in a big city, or even a startup of his own! Devin also loves to play sports and hang out with his friends. He is enjoying meeting new friends since he just moved to a new city. Devin likes to encourage those around him to never stop following their dreams.

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