Hawkes’s mastery approach to learning on par with golf’s “deliberate practice”

Geoff Colvin’s article on Golf.com, “Missing ingredient to lower scores is something called deliberate practice,” explains how anyone can get better at golf by putting in the time and effort to do so. Most of the techniques he mentions apply to Hawkes Learning’s concept of mastery.

Colvin teaches us in his article that deliberate practice is highly personalized, pushes you a little past your current abilities, is repeated many times, and requires constant feedback that’s personalized to you (Golf.com).

Sound familiar? Well, it’s probably because Hawkes encourages students to take advantage of deliberate practice! If students don’t complete the Certify (the credit-bearing part of the lesson) with enough correct answers, they are led to a practice session personalized to their needs based on the questions they keep missing. It pushes students to keep trying and learning beyond what they already know. And that constant, specific feedback? We’ve got students covered.


Read the full Golf.com article and let us know in what other ways you think golf can be compared to education in the comments below!

Colvin, Geoff. “Missing ingredient to lower scores is something called deliberate practice.” Golf.com. Golf.com, n.d. Web. 16 June 2016.

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