Explain Error: Your answer is wrong, but why?

Any program will tell a student if they are right or wrong when answering a question, but at Hawkes, we take it a step further.  Our courseware provides artificial intelligence that anticipates and diagnoses common student errors, providing specific feedback to guide the student towards the correct answer.


When a student answers a problem incorrectly in Practice, the courseware has the ability to pinpoint the exact error that the student made and provide detailed feedback to correct the mistake. It’s the same level of error-specific feedback that an instructor would provide if she had the opportunity to sit down with each student as they solved every problem for homework.

explain error 2
Understanding why an answer is incorrect is key to the learning process, and Explain Error allows students to learn from their own specific mistakes as soon as they make them. By addressing the error immediately once it is made during Practice, the courseware can prevent those mistakes from translating over to more high-stakes assignments such as quizzes and tests.

explain error 3

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