5 Ways to Make Your College Readiness Program Succeed

Getting ready for college requires more than just applying and being accepted to an institution. Many high school students face roadblocks on the way to higher ed. To counter these difficulties, several college readiness programs are springing up across the nation.

Braska Williams, the Program Director for NC State’s NC-MSEN Pre-College Program, lists out five ways to make your college readiness program great in “5 Strategies for Leading College Readiness Programs”:

  1. Don’t just engage students once; engage them several times throughout the years.
  2. Take students to college campuses and show them new ideas.
  3. Find role models students can not only look up to, but relate to.
  4. Work with parents’ and guardians’ needs and schedules.
  5. Show that you care.

For more, check out the original Getting Smart article here.

Williams, Braska. “5 Strategies for Leading College Readiness Programs.” Getting Smart. Getting Smart, 5 Nov. 2015. Web. 5 Nov. 2015.

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