How to help students with first-year jitters

The newness of a first-year classroom is often intimidating for students. As a first-year instructor, you’re tasked with setting the tone for their college experience. Let’s deconstruct four ways to eliminate the pressures of a first-year environment: 1. Provide Frequent Feedback All students can benefit from hearing it often and immediately, especially upon entering new territory. … Continue reading How to help students with first-year jitters

Ensuring students are college-ready

In education, little is more important than advocating for students. The demands of gateway, curriculum-level courses—coupled with the newness of college—can often enlarge barriers for underprepared students. There has been a lot a buzz about corequisite and accelerated learning programs as a way to help the incoming student population. Here are five reasons we've heard why … Continue reading Ensuring students are college-ready

5 Ways to Make Your College Readiness Program Succeed

Getting ready for college requires more than just applying and being accepted to an institution. Many high school students face roadblocks on the way to higher ed. To counter these difficulties, several college readiness programs are springing up across the nation. Braska Williams, the Program Director for NC State’s NC-MSEN Pre-College Program, lists out five … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your College Readiness Program Succeed