Tips on Preparing for College Writing

This information was originally featured in Grammarly.

College writing is different from the typical five-paragraph essays assigned in high school. Starting the first college paper (or the fiftieth!) can feel a bit daunting. Grammarly suggests a few tips on successful college writing:

  1. Don’t stick with the five-paragraph formula every time. In college, writing is going to get more complex, so it can’t always be constrained to those parameters.
  2. Demonstrate your critical thinking in your papers. Don’t just summarize and offer a brief analysis. Show your thoughts and opinions on the subject!
  3. Don’t just use sources; use good sources. Evaluate the works you’ve chosen to back up your argument to ensure credibility.
  4. Get help! If you have questions, check out online resources, schedule time to meet with your instructor, and visit a local tutor or nearby writing center.
  5. Get a quick refresher on grammar (“How to Prepare for the Demands of College Writing”).

Read more from the article here.

Joki, Kimberly. “How to Prepare for the Demands of College Writing.” Grammarly. Grammarly, 30 Aug. 2015. Web. 31 Aug 2015.

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