Learn Mode Helps Students Understand Concepts in Greater Depth

Students learn in different ways, and while some students learn by reading from a textbook, others need a different approach. At Hawkes, we make learning fun and interactive with our Learn screens.

The Learn mode is the first step on our learning path. We encourage students to check out these Learn slides before delving into Practice and Certify. Learn starts off with the objectives of the lesson.

Learn mode starts with the lesson's objectives.

The screens include properties, definitions, concept explanations, examples, and interactive material for students to grasp the material easily.

Our Learn screens have interactive examples.

Included in many of our multimedia-rich screens are videos! The videos in our math materials show instructors working out example problems at the white board. After all, how many times have you heard students say they “got” it while you were showing them how to solve the problems in class, but they had trouble once they left?

Videos in our Foundations of English materials were made by our contributors, instructors who have applied their teaching methods to these videos to provide engaging visual and auditory elements to the lessons. These supplemental tools provide an overview of the content found in Foundations of English.

Below, one of our contributor’s videos to Foundations of English discusses how students can proofread sentences for style. Our English videos cover study strategies, writing approaches, reading tips, and more. To learn more, visit our website at hawkeslearning.com.

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