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We understand that math is critical for success in the working world. Our newly released text, Viewing Life Mathematically: A Pathway to Quantitative Literacy, focuses on building practical knowledge and challenges students to make clear connections to career and real-world contexts. Our mission is to equip students with the skills needed to be informed citizens of a complex, technological society and encourage students to view aspects of life by thinking mathematically.

We created Viewing Life Mathematically as an alternative college-level mathematics pathway for students whose majors are neither calculus-based nor statistics-based. The material includes a variety of fields within mathematics that allow the course to be tailored to an institution’s specific objectives. Each topic engages students in developing mathematical skills and techniques that can be applied in their everyday lives and their own programs of study.

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VLM3DTable of Contents

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
2. Set Theory
3. Logic
4. Rates, Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages
5. Mathematical Growth
6. Geometry
7. Probability
8. Statistics
9. Personal Finance
10. Voting and Apportionment
11. The Arts
12. Mathematics in Sports
13. Graph Theory
14. Number Theory

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Real World Applications

Each topic engages students in developing skills that can be applied in their everyday lives and their  own programs of study, encouraging students to view aspects of their lives by thinking mathematically.







Tech Trainings

To further develop analytical skills, we encourage students to use technological resources to perform calculations for them so that they are able to focus on interpreting the output and understanding the contextual implications of mathematics. Tech Training boxes appear throughout the text, providing step-by-step instructions for using various technologies such as a TI 83/84 Plus calculator, Wolfram|Alpha, and Excel to solve problems.



Math Milestonesmath milestone

Appearing in margins throughout the text, Math Milestones feature relevant information about the history of mathematics to help students connect further with the material and understand the origins and context of the concepts that they are learning





Fun Factsfun fact

Fun facts appear throughout the texts in the margin and provide additional information to pique student interest and make mathematics more relatable.




Think Backsthink back

By reminding students of important concepts that they may have forgotten from previous math courses or previous chapters in the text, Think Backs provide just-in-time integrated reviews to reinforce prior knowledge and help students make connections across the material.


Explore Additional Sneak Peek Content

Sample graphic                 graphic


grapgic map

Random sample


We’ve been hard at work developing courseware to accompany Viewing Life Mathematically and invite you to explore the initial release of this content in our NEW online student platform. New content will continually be added for your exploration, so be sure to check back often!

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