Tuesday Tip: Assigning Individual Settings on WebTests

You’ve just dismissed class, and you’re gathering your handouts and books when you see her: your student Johanna, timidly approaching you for a quick word. You ask how you can help, and she lets you know that her family has surprised her with a weekend getaway to the beach for her birthday. Unfortunately, they won’t be back until Tuesday, which means she’ll be absent for Monday’s test. Is there any way you can let her take the test early?

Fortunately, you can! Just go to the Assignments tab in your Grade Book and head to the WebTest page. Select Monday’s test, then choose Define student settings. From here, you can select Johanna from your list and set her test so that she can take it a few days early without changing anything for the rest of your class.

BONUS tip: Wondering if Johanna is leaking screenshots of her test’s questions and answers while catching some rays? Have no fear; just make sure she can’t review her test until everyone else has completed it. To do so, select the test from your list of WebTests and go to Additional Settings. Change the Allow students to review test option to after the date and choose when students can see their work.

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