I’m Lovin’ Volunteering

Last month, volunteers from Hawkes spent their Sunday morning at Charleston’s Ronald McDonald House cooking breakfast for the families staying there. Pancakes, bacon, sausages, fruit, and more were cooked and served up on a beautiful May day.

Volunteers tested out their pancake-flipping and fruit-slicing skills, but more importantly, they got to spend time with a couple of the house’s special residents. Sarah, a Hawkes educational courseware specialist who has volunteered at Ronald McDonald House since kindergarten and all throughout college, said the day was very memorable: “We had the opportunity to meet one of the women staying at the house, and she introduced us to her son and daughter. We got to learn about her story, and she shared with us that she has leukemia and just gave birth to twins. She’s grateful to stay so close to the hospital during this time, and we’re grateful to have met her and her family.”



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