Using Hawkes Learning Reports


Using Hawkes Learning Reports

Sue Beck
Morehead State University
Morehead, KY

Join Instructor and long time Hawkes user Sue Beck as she discusses her experiences
using reports to:

  • Track student progress
  • Determine who needs extra attention
  • Easily access student contact information
  • Track data and pick up on trends

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Sue Beck

Sue Beck is currently an instructor and the Coordinator of Developmental Mathematics at Morehead State University. She has been with Morehead since 1997 and was promoted to Coordinator in 2002. She has given numerous presentations at the Kentucky Association of Developmental Education conference, the National Association of Developmental Education conference, Redesign in Technology and Innovation conference, Kentucky Innovations Conference, MathFest, National Center for Academic Transformation conference, Senate Bill 1 Summit, Morehead State University Center for Teaching and Learning, International Conference on Teaching in Collegiate Mathematics, and Joint Mathematics Meetings.

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