Morehead State University

Morehead State University in Morehead, KY; Efficacy Study

Courses: Introductory Algebra & Intermediate Algebra
Course Type: Online, Self-Paced

Quick Stats:

41% increase in the number of students who graduated
41% increase in students who graduated after passing a developmental math course using Hawkes. This contributed to a 21% increase in the total number of students who graduated the university.

92% success rate in self-paced courses using Hawkes
The success rate for all courses using Hawkes at the university was 88%. More specifically, the success rate for the redesigned self-paced courses was 92%.

To provide additional options for students, online, self-paced developmental math courses were designed. Student success in these courses and in subsequent courses was tracked.

To address student questions in this online format, the discussion board and other communication tools within Hawkes software were utilized.

“I really think that the Hawkes program is wonderful. I have always been a C student in math until this program & now I am an A student!” —Intermediate Algebra Student

Students Successful in Follow-Up Courses