What a Technical Writer Can Teach You About Assignment Design

In this presentation, Tim Roberts of University of Louisville, a former full-time technical writer and instructional media designer with more than 25 years experience, guides you to use the same techniques that tech writers do, so that you can develop clear, task-based assignments that help you get the results you want from your students and help them succeed.

About the Presenter:
Tim Roberts returned to teaching in 2015 after spending 25 years in technical communication and instructional media production for such companies as Humana, KFC, Atlas-IED, Comdata Corp., GE Appliances, Churchill Downs, Inc., and Little Brownie Bakers (who make Girl Scout Cookies). He is currently a Senior Lecturer of English at the University of Louisville where he teaches first-year writing courses (English 101 and 102) along with Business Writing and Technical Writing. Roberts also teaches in the university’s dual-credit program at Butler Traditional High School in Louisville. For two years he was an instructor and Student Services Fellow in the Cadre & Faculty Development Course, a partnership between UofL’s College of Education and Human Development and the US Army’s Cadet Command, teaching new ROTC instructors how to teach.