Viewing Life Mathematically: Behind the Scenes

Join author Kim Denley as she shares both the motivation for and the ideas behind writing one of Hawkes Learning’s latest texts Viewing Life Mathematically: A Pathway to Quantitative Literacy. She will highlight the book’s features as a practical application course for non-STEM majors. Kim will also share insights from her experience co-authoring Beginning Statistics and her recommendations for integrating these materials into the classroom.

About the Presenter:

Author Kim Denley

Kim Denley has been involved in mathematics reform for more than a decade. As part of a nationally acclaimed course redesign for undergraduate mathematics at the University of Mississippi, she began her commitment to helping students realize the utility of mathematics in their everyday lives. Viewing Life Mathematically builds on the earlier trajectory of her statistics text, Beginning Statistics, to provide an intentionally readable book for non-STEM majors. Kim loves living in Music City—Nashville, Tennessee—with her husband and daughters, where she volunteers in the community, offering mathematical help to women seeking their GED.