One Size Does NOT Fit All: How to Find the Right Course Structure for Your Students

Having trouble finding the right course structure to fit your developmental or non-credit bearing mathematics course? Join us as Emma Vaughn describes how her university tackled this issue by providing multiple course structures!

Emma will walk through how Murray State University’s developmental math courses use self-paced, traditional lecture, online, and accelerated teaching styles. Emma will explain why the university chose to offer Fundamental Mathematics as a self-paced course and Introductory Algebra as a traditional lecture or online course. She will provide tips on how to implement each structure, as well as the benefits of the different kinds. Learn how to set up an 8-week or 16-week course that optimizes student learning!

About the Presenter:

Professor Emma Vaughn is the coordinator of Developmental Math at Murray State University (MSU) in Murray, Kentucky. Emma earned a B.A. in Math/Secondary Education, grades 8-12, and a M.S. in Mathematics from Murray State University. She taught in Kentucky’s public schools for grades 9-12 before taking a position at MSU, where she has taught developmental math courses for the past four years.