Making the Most of Foundations of Mathematics

Choosing developmental mathematics materials and finding the best way to use them to engage your students are difficult tasks. Linda Hunt, Shawnee State University’s Director of Developmental Math, will show you how she has accomplished these challenges. Linda will share the reasons she and her department chose Foundations of Mathematics, ways to incorporate components of a flipped classroom into her students’ experience, best practices of using software for homework and quizzes, and challenges she has faced along the way. Learn how to make the most of this text using the resources available to you and your students—including Skill Checks, Math@Work, and group projects—and how to incorporate the software so students have access to videos, unlimited practice, and online assessments.

About the Presenter:

Linda Hunt, Ed. D., is the Director of Developmental Math at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH. She earned her doctorate, Ed. S., and M.A. from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. The title of her dissertation is “Predictors of Student Outcomes in Developmental Math at a Public Community and Technical College.” Her BS in math with a minor in computer science was earned from Bethany College.