Keeping Students on Track in a Modular Emporium Redesign

“Modularization” and “emporium” are common buzz words in mathematics redesign discussions. Kirkwood Community College is just one example of a school that has found staggering success through the implementation of a modular-emporium model in developmental math courses across two campuses. The computer-assisted format allows instructors and students alike to regularly track progress between modules. Not only are instructors able to pull quick and easy reports on student progress, but students learn to hold themselves accountable as well. Curtis Mitchell shares results from both a traditional lecture-style and modular-emporium courses to show how flexibility in course format offerings can fit a diverse range of student needs.

About the Presenter:

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Curtis Mitchell has been the Director of Developmental Math at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the past 5 years. He has led the development of an emporium-style developmental math program and been active in the national conversation around course redesign.

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