Customize Your Course Content with Question Builder

Customize Your Course Content with Question Builder

Kristin Marley
Educational Courseware Specialist
Hawkes Learning

Join Kristin as she shares a sneak peek of our exciting new development, Question Builder. This robust new tool allows you to customize your course content by creating dynamic questions to add to your curriculum and assessments. Easy to use and incredibly powerful, the new Question Builder not only lets you create your own questions, but also identifies and accepts any correct or equivalent version of the answer.

In this 30-minute overview, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create free response, multiple choice, and open-ended questions
  2. Make algorithmic generations with variables
  3. Build expressions using LaTeX
  4. Add tutoring assistance with hints and solutions
  5. Provide feedback and explanations for incorrect answers
  6. Assign custom questions to your curriculum and tests

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