Creating Modular Courses to Optimize Student Success

This webinar will provide details on how a community college has created modular courses, which—using Hawkes courseware—have sustained increases in student success and decreases in student attrition over the past 3 years. The presenter will give tips on course setup and detailed explanations of what worked and what did not as the school further developed these courses. Learn more about West Kentucky’s success by checking out this case study!

About the Presenter:

Tina Ragsdale is the Developmental Math Coordinator at West Kentucky Community and Technical College. Ms. Ragsdale has presented at Kentucky Association of Developmental Education, the Kentucky Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, RTIME Conference, The Success Summit sponsored by Kentucky Council of Post-Secondary Education, and the Regional College Reading and Learning Association. Ms. Ragsdale has represented Kentucky Community and Technical College System on the Professional Learning Community for Mathematics sponsored by the Kentucky Council of Post-Secondary Education. Ms. Ragsdale has led her department through redesign and a review of the redesign that has led to sustained increases in student success and continued decreases in student attrition rates. She remains abreast of current trends in developmental math and is dedicated to applying researched based and data driven changes into the classroom for the continued improvement of course delivery methods.