Creating an Integrated Communication & Study Skills Course

Learn how Crowder College has worked to create an integrated developmental reading, writing, and study skills course utilizing Hawkes Learning’s brand new Foundations of English courseware. English instructors from across the country created the lesson content to give students the exact information they need.

Our user-friendly interface and built-in to-do list keep students organized and on track with their papers and other assignments. The interactive questions and fun, game-like lessons engage students as they navigate topics ranging from understanding different learning styles to revising and proofreading their work. Along with valuable remediation in introductory English skills, Foundations of English challenges students to apply the concepts they are learning to their academic, professional, and personal lives. Presenter Sherry Wilson will discuss the steps she and her school have taken to incorporate Foundations of English into an Integrated Communication & Study Skills course.

About the Presenter:

Dr. Sherry Wilson has taught in a variety of K-12 settings while working on her graduate degrees. Her higher education experience includes faculty positions at the University of Arkansas, University of the Ozarks, and John Brown University. Currently, Sherry is the chair of the Developmental Studies Division. She teaches an integrated reading and writing communication course for academically underprepared freshmen.