Core Principles of Implementing a Corequisite Model

Join co-requisite model expert, Dr. Holly Ayers as she discusses how one innovative two-year college worked within a state advocacy support network to implement a Co-Requisite Mathematics Model. Logistics of how they structured their co-requisite courses and supporting interventions to increase student success in the gateway course will be shared.  Learn about her experiences and take away tips for implementation.

About the Presenter:

head shot-Ayers

Dr. Holly Ayers currently serves as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Arkansas State University-Newport in Northeast Arkansas. During her time as the Division Chair for Math, Science and Education at Ozarka College, she led a full-scale redesign of remedial math, writing, and reading as well as technical mathematics. Funded by a statewide initiative she assisted the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges in the planning, implementation, and assessment of a DOL statewide initiative to redesign remedial education. Throughout the past four years, Holly has presented on her research and experiences on remedial education redesign, often in collaboration with Hawkes Learning.

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