An Insider’s Look at New Composition Materials

English Composition was written by instructors for students of varying backgrounds and interests. With emphasis on effective communication in today’s changing world, English Composition takes a contextualized approach to writing instruction for students of all disciplines.

This courseware aims to teach students skills in analysis and argumentation with careful consideration of purpose and audience in all writing situations. As they connect with diverse texts, engaging instruction, and interactive practice, students learn to participate effectively in academic, professional, and everyday communications.

During the webinar, our English Project Coordinator Katherine Cleveland will give you an insider’s look at the courseware, highlighting key aspects of the product mission as we walk through the following areas:

  • Accessible, interactive, easy-to-read instructional content
  • English-specific question types for engaging practice and effective assessment
  • Informative tips, visuals, and learning aids
  • Goals moving forward

About the Presenter:

Katherine Cleveland is the Project Coordinator for Hawkes Learning’s English products: Foundations of English, English Composition, and the upcoming Reading and Writing Handbook for the College Student.

As the English Project Coordinator, Katherine manages the continued development of Hawkes’s new English product line. Since Katherine joined the Hawkes family in 2014, the English team has launched Foundations of English courseware, English Composition courseware, and the upcoming Reading and Writing Handbook for the College Student.

Katherine received a bachelor’s degree in English with a Writing concentration from the University of South Carolina. She received a master’s degree in English Education from Cabrini University.