An Emporium Approach to Intervention Courses in Algebra

The University of Louisville has adopted a radical new approach to addressing students who are not college-ready in mathematics. Beginning in the Fall of 2013, the University replaced all of its traditional sections of Intermediate Algebra (which were taught at UofL by the local community college) with two new Emporium-style intervention courses in algebra (which are taught through REACH, the academic support unit of the University). These new courses are GEN 103: Special Topics in College Mathematics for Non-STEM Majors and GEN 104: Special Topics for STEM Majors. In these courses, there is no whole-class lecturing; instead, students meet in a computer-lab setting and work through their lessons with the assistance of Hawkes courseware learning aids, peer tutors, and a course instructor (who serves as a facilitator/guide). In this webinar, the specific details of these two new courses will be shared, as well as results from the first three years of the program.

About the Presenter:

Professor Jonathan Watkins is the coordinator of the GEN 103/104 program at the University of Louisville. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the Mathematics Department at Bellarmine University. Jonathan has earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Murray State University, and a Master of Arts in mathematics from the University of Louisville, and he is currently a doctoral candidate in curriculum and instruction (with an emphasis in mathematics education) in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville. Jonathan’s mathematical interests include algebra, probability, and statistics, and his research interests include mathematical knowledge for teaching.