Integrating Math Study Skills to Increase Student Success

The recent national math redesign movement has focused on reducing the amount of time spent in developmental math courses. Now, more than ever, researchers are putting an emphasis on how students’ affective characteristics affect learning and grades, especially in math courses. These characteristics include math study skills, test anxiety reduction, motivation and persistence.

Join Emily Judy, senior courseware specialist at Hawkes Learning, as she interviews Dr. Paul Nolting about improving the study skills of math students. Hear what Dr. Nolting has to say about the best study practices and how to implement them into your classroom. He’ll discuss common areas where students struggle the most and variables that affect your students’ success. Learn easy tips and strategies to integrate math study skills into your curriculum today!

In this webinar, Dr. Nolting answers questions such as:

  • What does research show regarding math study skills and grade improvement?
  • How can institutions improve success in Emporium Model and Online courses?
  • How can instructors incorporate study skills into a math course?
  • Based on math redesigns, what is the most common factor students must improve upon in order to succeed in math?
  • How do math anxiety and math test anxiety affect learning, and how can students reduce this anxiety?

About the Presenter:

Dr. Paul Nolting speaks to a group of tutors in the TILT building Tuesday morning. Nolting spoke to the tutors about strategies, particularly in math, to better aid in the learning of material when working with students.

Dr. Paul Nolting is a national expert in assessing math learning problems, developing effective student-learning strategies, and assessing institutional variables that affect math success and math study skills. Over the last 25 years he has consulted with over 100 colleges, universities, and high schools to improve success in the math classroom. Dr. Nolting is the author of Winning at Math, which is the only math-specific study skills book to offer statistical evidence demonstrating an improvement in students’ ability to learn math and make better grades.

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