Using Breakout Fun! to Enhance Your In-Person or Virtual Classes

Breakout Fun! is a fully customizable activity creator that can be used by any teacher in any class. It uses instructor’s questions to create interactive scoreboards and answer sheets. Students then work in small groups to problem solve, learn collaboratively, compete, and have fun! Unlike other lesson planning tools used in the classroom, Breakout Fun is very simple to use and has a quick setup time.

Professor Daniel Holbrook has used Breakout Fun! during ice breakersstudy reviewfun trivia, and to survey students. It works best for multiple choice and matching questions, but it can also be used with other question types as well. It is the perfect way for students to engage and interact with each other in both virtual and in person settings.

About the Presenter:

Daniel Holbrook is a lecturer of management at Emmanuel College and an assistant professor at Berklee College of Music. From 2017 to 2020, Holbrook taught statistics, finance, and AP economics at the Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts. Prior to working at Middlesex, Holbrook held adjunct teaching positions at Northwood University, Lesley University, and Showa University. Holbrook is a 2008 graduate of University Massachusetts, Dartmouth where he was also the captain of the basketball team and an All-American basketball player. Upon graduation, Holbrook worked at State Street Corporation and Lexington Wealth Management. In 2011, Holbrook graduated from Bentley University where he earned a dual MBA degree in economics & financial markets and finance. Holbrook has coached college basketball for over a decade and is a cofounder of Breakout Technologies, Five Star Flag Football Camp, and Pump It Up Basketball.