The Utilization of Peer Tutors in a Hybrid Math Emporium Setting

Yevgeniya Rivers and Dana Cook will discuss the peer tutoring model employed at the University of New Haven’s Hybrid Emporium Math Lab called the Math Zone.

The presenters will include important concepts—such as the background of the model itself, as well as the hiring, training, and evaluation of tutors—in establishing a culture of positivity and academic integrity.

About the Presenters:

Yevgeniya Rivers, who has an M.A. in Math Education and an M.S. in Educational Leadership, has been teaching math for 12 years in topics ranging from pre-algebra through Calculus I. She has taught in high school—both general and special education settings—and in college. She is currently the coordinator of the developmental math program at the University of New Haven, which includes a state-of-the-art computer lab known as the Math Zone. Her research interests are in growth mindset and metacognition in the developmental math classroom. Yevgeniya is also interested in the use of recreational mathematics to inspire adolescents to explore and dig deeper into math.

Dana Cook earned his BS in mechanical engineering and his MA in educational technology. He taught secondary school mathematics for 12 years before teaching post-secondary mathematics. In addition to teaching these courses at the University of New Haven, Dana works closely with student tutors at the university’s Math Zone, a computer lab that focuses on providing individualized student learning and building math confidence.