The Probability Problem: Building Probability Skills in Intro Statistics

In this presentation,  KimberLeigh Hadfield of Utah State University will dive into the struggles that undergraduate students tend to face with probability in their introductory statistics course. Using worked-out problems and then transitioning to partially worked-out problems in an introductory statistics course at a large university helped students succeed at solving probability problems. The worked-out problems included writing prompts to encourage self-explanation of students’ thinking through studying the worked-out examples. This presentation will expound upon the use of these instructional principles and their implementation in an introductory statistics course for non-STEM majors.

About the Presenter:
KimberLeigh Hadfield has been an award-winning instructor of mathematics and statistics for 26 years. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at Utah State University, receiving the College of Science Teacher of the Year Award in 2020. She was one of five faculty recognized for “designing her teaching to the edges” in the USU “Disrupt” Conference in 2019 for inclusive teaching practices. In 2018, was awarded The Utah Stateman’s Top 10 Most Influential Faculty, a student-nominated award. Her favorite things about teaching are seeing student “ah-ha” moments and helping students who normally despise math find a change of heart. She teaches large-enrollment sections of introductory statistics and mathematics, manages about 8-10 GTAs, and is the course coordinator for the introductory statistics courses for the USU statewide campus system as well as the state’s high school teachers who teach concurrent enrollment introductory statistics.