The New Way of Relating: Teaching Students in the Time of COVID

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Research has shown that the “old” ways of teaching no longer hold up to the new methods of teaching.

In this session, Professor Felicia Hope Cate of Cape Fear Community College will talk about the 5 Principles of Learning Science Research and how they can be applied to teaching in the time of COVID. This discussion will help instructors better understand the mentality of young learners, learn new ways to encourage students to study better, and show better ways of communication between instructor and students.

About the Presenter: Professor Felicia Hope Cate is an Applied Sport Psychologist specializing in coaching/counseling and teaching mental skills. She helps people deal with anxiety, stress and performance issue. She is an avid writer and researcher and has done research on several books. Professor Cate is also an artist who destresses with painting, drawing and watching the birds at the beach.