Ten Tips to Provide Effective Feedback to Student Writers

Providing feedback to students on their writing can be a daunting task, especially when faced with a full-class of papers to grade. This often leads to quick comments to get through the stacks more quickly but the end result is inadequate feedback to students. The way in which teachers provide feedback on students’ writing also impacts their internal dialogue and self-perceptions of their writing ability. In this session, Professor Sudeepa Gulati and Dr. Meena Singhal focus on ten tips and strategies teachers can use to provide more effective writing feedback.

About the Presenters:

Professor Sudeepa Gulati is currently a professor at Long Beach City College. She has teaching experience from K-6 in French, English, and Spanish, and has a background with college teaching in Canada and the US. She holds two bachelor degrees from Universite Laval in Quebec, Canada and a masters degree from University of Toronto.

Meena Singhal (Ph.D.) has taught K-12, College, and University in both Canada and the United States. She has been a college administrator for over a decade and currently teaches in the Department of ESL and Linguistics at Long Beach City College.