Teaching an Online Algebra Workshop

In this webinar, professor Christina Holdiness of Chaffey College will discuss how using the right resources can ensure online math classes are highly interactive and engaging for students.

Holidness will share how she uses web conferencing tools to foster community and diversify the pedagogical approaches available in an online format. Take away tips for connecting with students remotely and providing support through online office hours, tutoring sessions, labs, and more. 

30 minutes of Q&A will follow the presentation to help instructors workshop ideas for their own classrooms.

About the Presenter:
Christina Holdiness received her Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2009. Since that time, she has held many different positions in academics, from adjunct instructor to full-time online instructor. Currently, Christina is the Instructional Specialist for the Math Success Center at Chaffey College. She enjoys traveling, especially back to her home state of Louisiana to visit family and friends and to enjoy the outdoors.