Tuesday Tip: Use the Hawkes Equivalent of an Invisibility Cloak

You’re already thinking about setting up your summer and fall courses that use Hawkes because you’re a go-getter. You’re updating your HLS Lesson Due Dates template underneath the Assignments tab when you think back to the beginning of the current term. Students logged into their courseware for the first time in January, and they were surprised to see so many assignments due already. Granted, you spaced out the due dates, but the initial shock of seeing the assignments all at once overwhelmed a few students.

Instead of having students see all their assignments at the very start of the term, use the Visible On option in the Additional Options area of your due dates template.

The Show Additional Options button is to the right of the Shift Multiple Due Dates button in the HLS due dates template.

You can choose which dates you’d like the assignments to show up for students. Before this date, they will not see the lesson in their to-do lists. It will become visible to students on the date that you provide.

The Visible On feature is between the Assign and Include in Grade check boxes. You can select the calendar icon or type which date you want assignments to show up for students.

Please note that this feature is available through the web platform only. Materials accessed via the web platform include the following: Developmental Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra, Preparation for College Mathematics, Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Introductory & Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Beginning Statistics, Discovering Statistics, Discovering Business Statistics, Viewing Life Mathematically, and Foundations of English.

Tuesday Tip: Be a Copycat

Short on time when you have to start building another course section using Hawkes materials? We’ve got you covered with the course copy tool.

The course copy tool allows you to copy over settings from one section to another section or instructor in your Grade Book so you can skip the extra work. When you use this tool, you can copy over the following settings:

  • Hawkes Assignment Groups and grading options
  • all assigned WebTests
  • HLS lesson due dates
  • Other Assignment templates
  • curriculum
  • course materials template
  • HLS lesson late penalties
  • attendance policy
  • reminders template
  • section settings:
    • section meeting times
    • section start and end dates
    • settings allowing assignments to be completed before or after the section start and end dates
    • settings to set incomplete assignment scores to zero after the section end date
    • time of day lessons are due
    • time zone

How do you access this tool? Log into your Grade Book, then select the Tools tab. Navigate to the Manage Sections link and select your name and section. The course copy tool is on the right-hand side:

The course copy tool allows you to copy settings from another section. Select the instructor and section you wish to copy settings and assignments from.

Choose which instructor and setting you’d like to copy, then save your changes. You’ll save yourself plenty of time using this tool!

Checklist for Success

To get the term started off right, refer to this checklist to set up and maintain your course settings in your Grade Book. Feel free to make changes throughout the semester.

(If you’ve used Hawkes before, remember to archive and reset your Grade Book first.)

Initial Setup

  • Log into the instructor Grade Book and change your password under
    Tools > Change Password.
  • Start exploring the student side of Hawkes using the access code provided by your Training & Support Specialist.
  • Meet online with your Training & Support Specialist for a comprehensive training.
  • When you meet, you will discuss your plans for implementation and get an overview of Hawkes from both a student and instructor perspective.

Before the beginning of the semester

  • Consider meeting online with your Training & Support Specialist for a training refresher or Q&A session.
  • Set up your course sections, assignment group weights, homework late penalties, and assignment due dates. (Tip: Check out this click-through demonstration on setting up your section!)
  • **Input the exact course start date when setting up your section so if students who are awaiting financial aid to purchase their materials need to request Temporary Access, the access begins on day 1 of class and lasts the first 20 days.**
  • Refer to our Instructor Directions for quick reference.
  • Create or review your WebTests and assign them to your course sections under Assignments > WebTests.
  • Add paper/pencil assignments and assign them to your course sections under Assignments > Other Assignments.
  • Read through our Best Practices for more advice on setting up your Grade Book.

The week before class

  • Use our Syllabus Suggestions to make sure your syllabus includes information for your students on how to use Hawkes.
  • Experience Hawkes as a student—log in and complete a few lessons!
  • Watch the Student Training Video to prepare you for first-day questions.
  • Print out the Student Directions or post them to Course Materials under Assignments > Course Materials.

The first day of class

  • Hand out your syllabus and the Student Directions.
  • Show the Student Training Video.
  • If you are in a lab setting, help your students log in and enroll in your course.

The first week of class

  • Contact Hawkes if you or your students have any questions. We offer
    extended technical support phone hours at the start of each term, as well as 24/7 chat support through our website.

Midway through the term

  • See how other schools are improving student success by checking out
    our webinar series.
  • Take advantage of the Grade Book reports to monitor student progress and to evaluate student performance on individual learning outcomes.
  • Have you talked to your Training & Support Specialist lately? Use our Best Practices as a starting point for your discussion!

At the end of the term

  • Meet with your Training & Support Specialist to discuss any feedback or questions from the term.
  • Back up the data in your Grade Book by taking an archive under
    Tools > Archive Grade Books.
  • Reset your Grade Book to clear out old student data and to prepare the Grade Book for a new term under Tools > Reset Grade Books. You will still be able to access old Grade Book data in your archives.


Tuesday Tip: Quick steps to take at the end of term

With classes winding down, we wanted to post a quick reminder on what you can do with your Hawkes Grade Book to make things as easy as possible. Make sure you perform the tasks below to avoid unnecessary stress!

At the end of the term:

  • Meet with your Training & Support Specialist to discuss any feedback or questions from the term.
  • Back up the data in your Grade Book by taking an archive under Tools > Archive Grade Books.
  • Reset your Grade Book to clear out old student data and to prepare the Grade Book for a new term under Tools > Reset Grade Books. You will still be able to access old Grade Book data in your archives.


Checklist for a new term:
Several of these items are optional. If you want to keep things relatively similar from one term to the next, the Course Copy tool found when adding or editing a section name can easily copy over all settings at one time.

Suggested Steps

  • Archive and reset your Grade Book
    Tools > Archive Grade Books
    Tools > Reset Grade Books
  • Create your new sections
    Tools > Manage Sections
  • Edit an existing section or create a new one
    Use the Course Copy tool to copy over all course templates to your new section
  • Adjust or confirm your weights and assignment groups
    Grade Settings > Assignment Groups
  • Enter or adjust your lesson due dates
    Assignments > HLS Lesson Due Dates

Additional Options

  • Set up or adjust your assignment reminders
    Tools > Communications > Assignment Reminders
  • Update or confirm your late homework policy
    Grade Settings > HLS Lesson Late Penalty
  • Update or create new WebTests and test settings
    Assignments > WebTest
  • Add or edit Other Assignments
    Assignments > Other Assignments
  • Add to or modify your course materials
    Assignments > Course Materials
  • Assign or edit your course curriculum
    Assignments > Curriculum

Tuesday Tip: See how long students spend time in Learn, Practice, and Certify

Your student Jason stops you after class to let you know that he’s tried to do his homework for the latest lesson, but Certify keeps kicking him out. You ask him if he’s spent time in Practice, and he swears he feels like he’s tried a hundred Practice problems over the course of several hours. You know some students think they’ve spent forever and a day doing their homework, when they’ve really spent a half hour in the courseware.

You can check by logging into your Grade Book, selecting the Reports tab, and going into the Time Per Lesson report. You do so for Jason and see that “several hours” in Practice meant 27 minutes in that mode, but then a lot of time spent in Certify. You advise him to spend more time in Practice before jumping into Certify in order to save him time in the long run. He gives you a funny look because that sounds a little counterintuitive, but he says he’ll give it a try. Sure enough, the next week, Jason comes up to you before class and lets you know that he’s spending more time in Practice for each lesson and, as a result, less time in Certify. Now, with your instruction and his homework completion, he’s finally “getting” the class. He grins in appreciation. That’s a proud teacher moment.

Check out the video below to learn more: