Adding Bonus Questions to Tests

Did you know that you can add bonus questions to your online assessments? It's as simple as checking the Bonus box and assigning a bonus point value! Points for designated Bonus questions count towards points earned, but not points possible.Questions are still randomly ordered by default unless otherwise specified.All tests must contain at least one … Continue reading Adding Bonus Questions to Tests

Common causes of test anxiety and how to solve them

In “Text Anxiety: Causes and Remedies,” Dr. Maryellen Weimer addresses the issue of test anxiety and how it affects students from kindergarten to graduate school. She presents a study that confirms the general idea that those with test anxiety have lower cumulative GPAs at the college level, but reminds us that although this is the … Continue reading Common causes of test anxiety and how to solve them

Keep Tests Secure Using TestGuard

TestGuard is an application that provides additional testing security by allowing instructors to restrict student access to both computer applications and websites while a secured test is in progress. This tool ensures the integrity of the test remains protected during lab-based testing. TestGuard is available for use with both our installed and web platforms, and … Continue reading Keep Tests Secure Using TestGuard