What’s New: July 29th, 2021

Hawkes has released a few updates to improve your user experience. Watch the video below & read on to learn more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLmTUIqBh3Y Assign Zero Point Value Questions Questions in Test Builder can now be assigned a point value of zero. When students answer questions worth zero points, they are still evaluated as correct or incorrect but have … Continue reading What’s New: July 29th, 2021

3 resources to help your statistics students

Do your statistics students ever get lost in the theory of the material or have trouble grasping concepts covered in class? Hawkes Learning's free online resource, stat.hawkeslearning.com, features 3 main tools designed to bring clarity to these students: 1. Chapter Projects New projects from Discovering Statistics and Data can be assigned as homework or in-class group projects to … Continue reading 3 resources to help your statistics students

The New “Typical” College Student

The National Center for Education Statistics says today’s 17 million undergraduate students look a lot different than they have in the past. Almost 74% of undergrads are now considered “nontraditional,” meaning that they are financially independent from their parents, have a child or other dependent, are a single caregiver, lack a traditional high school diploma, … Continue reading The New “Typical” College Student

5 Ways to Get Students Interested in Statistics

Creating a universally engaging classroom environment can be challenging, but having the right tools that make lesson content relevant to students helps! Below are 5 ways to get your students more excited about statistics: 1. Interesting Data Finding data on topics students think are fun, like beers and breweries across the country, might pique interest. Use this … Continue reading 5 Ways to Get Students Interested in Statistics