How to help students with first-year jitters

The newness of a first-year classroom is often intimidating for students. As a first-year instructor, you’re tasked with setting the tone for their college experience. Let’s deconstruct four ways to eliminate the pressures of a first-year environment: 1. Provide Frequent Feedback All students can benefit from hearing it often and immediately, especially upon entering new territory. … Continue reading How to help students with first-year jitters

Instructor advice on motivating students

Having trouble motivating your students to stay active and engaged in class? We understand that some days, it can be a struggle. Current and former instructors here at Hawkes Learning have provided advice on how to keep students motivated. Check it out below, then let us know what advice YOU have! In-class Consider announcing a … Continue reading Instructor advice on motivating students

Record Yourself to Improve Your Practice | Edutopia

In one of Edutopia's latest posts, "Record Yourself to Improve Your Practice," an instructor speaks about the benefits of recording himself teaching every once in a while. It helps him improve his teaching abilities and gain the perspective of an audience member. His main takeaways include the following: You may not realize you call on … Continue reading Record Yourself to Improve Your Practice | Edutopia